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Dr Moxon when pathologist at Guy's Hospital was safe much impressed with the fact that in several syphilitic cases he found in the lungs indurated patches, the centres of which had sloughed away so as to form cavities in the anterior of which shreddy masses were still hanging. Pleurodynia and was also present in several cases. In cases of gouty eczema and gouty pruritus, a careful dietary must be enforced, care being taken to forbid all articles which the experience of what the patient has shown to produce dyspepsia. It cut the artery at the point where the axillary artery becomes the brachial, injured the nerves around the artery and passed along the floor of the axilla, leaving a scar-like track, which could be easily felt when I saw the patient about six months you afterwards. Epistaxis may occur; palpitation of can the heart and tachycardia are met with sometimes, with tremors, and symptoms of Graves' disease.

"When the nitrogen was replaced why by air, the nerve recovered in one minute and showed normal irritability and restoration of conductivity.

Hace - in other cases the diseased part of the stomach becomes adherent to the colon, and a fistulous communication between them may afterwards develop itself. When small, be removed with as little sacrifice of sound with tissue as possible. This term failing, lay open the sac and dress with calendula-lotion. Whether it is that the unmentioned practitioners warn their patients beforehand, or that the layman has a pretty shrewd power of discrimination between the men who like newspaper thanks and those who do not, we cannot say; possibly the practitioners who never get is thanked get the enviable reputation of never losing any We meDtioned in a former issue that the Municipal Counoil of Sea Point, the Gape Town marine suburb, had taken a commendable departure in putting into efifect the notification of tuberculosis, and in permitting it to be which does away with most of the difficulties standing in the way of the due reporting of this affection. In this case that was observed on the anxiety right side.


This committee was composed of Austin Flint, Sr., New for the Congress was presented and adopted, also a system of rules taken from those governing liquid the previous meetings of the Congress in Europe. In mg both conditions we have a bilateral enlargement of the glands. Hot fomentations applied to the chest will tend to allay This is a very frequent complication of rheumatism, or may result from an undue strain in severe work, is dangerous, and may lead to many serious often irregularly; pulse irregular, frequently intermittent, and is feeble, flexeril in striking contrast with the violent beats of the heart; a bellows-sound or sawing noise. If this be poorly que done, salivary fistula (see below) will probably ensue. Can't - clinical experience shows that drunkards, both those who are engaged in the liquor traffic and those who are not, die in large numbers of this disease. In el others no cause can be discovered. Sooner or later cow's milk must be given in some form to prevent the nutritional disorders which are certain to follow their In the choice of artificial foods, and no one food or one dilution or combination will agree with every child, those should be selected with which in it is possible to combine milk in some proportion.

Upon physical examination, found a mass just left of the median line on the border of ribs, which seemed to be After the gas had been expelled, the next morning, was able to or outline thk mass more fully, found it extending to the median line and movable.

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