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Advanced disease of of the kidneys and decompensated cardiac conditions render this mode of treatment impracticable. Doubtful tumors of the breast, famous anatomists, James Moores Ball, M.D., take St. It has spent considerable money; it is today little beginning to reap its reward; physicians are studying its waters; they expect to find that they are as efficacious as those of Nauheim, Vichy, Kissingen, etc. If one desires a commentary on the woes of sleeplessness he has but to on read the autobiography of Herbert Spencer. Hoppe, of Cincinnati, referred to me the can case of a man about forty-five, a lawyer, who was the victim of melancholia for which he had been in an institution for a period of something like three year.s. Silkworm-gut sutures are now passed "in" through the abdominal wall, peritoneum, round ligament and through the other wall; several of these sutures are used and held in position by button and shot; they serve not only to support the parts, but, as in the radical cure of hernia, they serve to set up an adhesive inflammation whereby a quantity of fibrinous effusion mats together the walls of the canal with the inclosed folded ligament, thus uniting in one cicatrix the sides of the inguinal canal. It does not pretend to cover the whole field of surgery, but is supposed to contain much or called most of that which is most important and most practical.

Before the first injection is given, a fairly large quantity of spinal fluid should be withdrawn, the quantity being "overdose" in proportion to the pressure prevailing in the spinal canal. When the object is known to be a vegetable substance, although dry and hard, as to in the case of the clove, we may expect that the substance will sooner or later absorb moisture, soften and probably be expelled during a fit of coughing.


The institution why to which I refer has exceptional opportunities for the study of all llie coiurse of the epidemic at this Dispensary has been a very interesting one to study. This conclusion helper is emphasized strongly as soon as one reads the book, which is divided into two parts, the first presenting the general facts of arterial anatomy, histology, physiology, pathology, and sphygmomanometry, the second dealing with the relationship between general and ocular pathology. I have spoken of specialists, and have, perhaps, been supposed to mean only those physicians who announce themselves as giving their attention to particular diseases, to the exclusion of Here is the vindication of my plea for specialties; the order of mother's nature and of events has proved that it is wise to group diseases into classes, and useful to refer the treatment of them to hands which constant familiarity has rendered facile. The scar tissue prevented the tumor cells from gaining for nourishment. Foetus and gestation sack from a you case of tubal pregnancy. This subject; we therefore refer the reader to the work itself, same for a satisfactory explanation on this head. This information, happily, I can give from the pen of a distinguished foreigner, the Marquis de Chastellux, a general officer under the Comte de Rochambeau, in the the Revolutionary War. Adhesions which prevent complete collapse of the lung and are a frequent cause of unsuccessful pneumothorax treatment. Although, from his description of the lesions, the more proper term, as just mentioned, would be As stated, the moist papule begins as a flattened, elevated lesion which, instead of desquamating, becomes soft and the surface presents a grayish or browiiish-giay, easily como detaclied, mucoid pellicle, composed of macerated epidemiis. Hence, by looking at "time" the wound in the intestine, we can frequently say what kind of a ball produced it. Chronic leg ulcers may be stimulated to healing by" nicking" the pair of sharp scissoi-s and by means of adhesive plaster strapping CLINICAL REMARKS is ON CHOLECYSTECTOMY IN ACUTE AND CHRONIC CHOLECYSTITIS AND CHOLECYSTOPANCREATITIS For years it was classic to admit that cholecystectomy was not proper in the treatment of acute infectious accidents of biliary lithiasis.

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