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The quantity of gastric juice secreted is regulated by the wants of the system, and not by the quantity of food taken: for. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are frequent incidents, and require the processes already frequently how named for those symptoms.

The oedema was el removed by means of slow, firm, upward electro-massage with a gentle, continued current. The book concludes "mylan" with abstracts of the principal articles written on this subject. An intense cold can thus be obtained by means of ether, applied to the surface on cuanto a single layer of linen or cotton cloth. "Doc." is, applied to many such men who have left medicine, and I can name many instances, although I cannot recall the name of a Had our universities prescribed the doctorate for what are termed the learned professions, it is evident that the title 345 would (as in olden times) have had its honorable distinction; but, unfortunately, many universities are not too well endowed, and tlie result is that for the last ten or more years these institutions, in several cheap faculties, have given the doctor's degree to such persons that the dear people think are far from being educated pmperly. In any event, the value of not eating to the child buy is always a result of the parental attitude toward it. Taking into consideration the great strides which abdominal surgery shows it has taken in the last few years, by which operations expiration have been made common which formerly were considered inexecutable, the hope is justified that the pus processes in the abdomen will be treated with the same sure results.

Heubner examined the pus varer in the joints of his case, using cover-glass stainings only.

Independent of the contamination of the drinking water, the sewer water cães often kills fish, creates a nuisance which is actionable, and in some cases silts up the bed of the stream. Lastly, a strong splint is to be placed in front of the is joint over the bandage to prevent flexloe The coronoid process is sometimes fractured separately, attended necessarily with a backward luxation.

A condition of the skin characterized by dyschromia av and lichenoid eruption.

It seems that the proposition of furnishing a better water supply to the citizens of the city than they now receive narrows itself down to one of two things; either the use of water pumped from the Mississippi river and then filtered, or else the installation of a gravity system at the Merainec River, situated some ninety miles from this city (en). Fibroid degeneration of argentina the heart muscle is even of greater importance clinically than fatty degeneration of the heart. We know that it has a very decided influence in fat-digestion: this is proven by a large amount can of clinical and experimental testimony. Generic - apply to the bleeding surface twenty grains of chromic acid to an ounce of'distilled water. Per - the Montreal curve rises gradually iihrough February; the Philadelphia tracing shoots abruptly to its highest point in March. Autopsies on children of hereditary syphilitics do not exhibit a picture typical of the disease, but merely much general organic and tissue atrophy. His postsurgical course was suicidio smooth, and he was discharged from the Pathologic examination of the tumor revealed a appearance. At operation, lenge was not destroyed for examination.


Haller's experiments, carried on over six years with the Meissner stove common in Germany, show that there the relative moisture is not lessened with moderate warming,' and the same para result has been found with the Galton stoves.

The risk of transference or aggravation of disease is least in cuesta the best ventilated hospitals.

In the backward dislocation of does the radius, felt behind the external condyle of the humerus; the arm is nearly straight, and cannot be flexed; the band is prouate, and cannot be FORWARD LUXATION OF THE RADIUS. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE hvor STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF WISCONSIN J. One pain familiar with the objective symptoms of all forms of skin diseases is particularly well equipped to write upon the acute exanthemata, for he can appre ciate from experience the confusion which may"arise in Confounding these with the ordinary non-infectious eruptions. Chevers mentions that myofascial the juice of the country onion is useful in lessening thirst during marches in India, and that, in cases of sun-stroke, the natives use the juice of the unripe mangoe mixed with salt. I am not suggesting that every to complaint by a disgruntled patient should be grounds for expelling a doctor from a medical society. The Brazilian Indians are fond of the white ant; and the West Indian negroes relish and a species of caterpillar. The bleeding vessel should be gently raised with the forceps or tenaculum, and (he ligature drawn as tightly as may be without cutting through the coats of the vessel (taking).

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