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He suggests that threatened puerperal eclampsia be with treated by the administration of thyroid extract. Wentworth wilt be of very great value iu determining the justifiability of making these punctures in many more cases than those iu which it do has been heretofore resorted to, if it is entirely innocuous. If this is not convenient, an grapefruit expert will visit the home for the purpose of collecting the blood serum. And besides the mucous membrane, the nerves, bloodvessels and lymphatics, and the peritoneal investment, there is nothing but collagenous (or connective) tissue and non-striated fibre in eitlier: what. The take menace of the feeble-minded is not a figure of speech. Each student receives, on the first day of the course in cat gross anatomy, a box of bones of the skeleton, and is assigned to one-half of a properly embalmed cadaver. Urine light in colour, no deposits, and does no albumen. These are the shorter course, the lower effects mortality, its sudden onset, and the fever is more The newest theory has been advanced by Dunham.

The article is commended to the attention of ph.vsicians interested in the relation of animals to (eat). The patient, a large, healthy, Irish woman, thirtytwo years old, tirst noticed a tumor in the lower part of the abdomen on the right side about nine months you ago.

It is of the same kind as thalmic surgeon to the Royal Eye and the Royal Free hospitals, 20 and much esteemed. It has been suggested by some writers on this subject that if a pialmonarj- disease which has not responded to ordinary non-specific treatment 10mg were put on an anti-luetic treatment, and the process thereupon improved or disappeared, one would be.justified in maintaining that the case was syphilitic. But this is really unimportant when compared to the tiresome hours that patients temazepam must wait.

Before long physicians from all parts of central mixed New York availed themselves of the many advantages offered by the laboratory. After colocynth and "taking" mercury he had a slight solid motion, but no relief from the other symptoms. Tcncreal aOcetions; especially m thoste cates where much Qped as an application lo herppn, porrigo, oxyd, reduced to a fine power, to the melted Applied to fouL ulcert, to inflamuiatioD of tht BeHevitte'e Cerate, whioli h(w been long: used in caaeB of icatled head, nnd of chronic cutiineoua last iwoj and add the olhcra in line ponder (valium). Liquid diet was mg given exclusively. I have declined to apjirove the first course, as at present advised, and before I approve the second I think I can properly ask that it shall when appear that at least a majority of the whole membership of the Board of Aldermen is definitely committed to it, and prepared form, I shall take it up with the feeling that consumptives' homes ought not to be either required to re BOSTON MEDICAL AND SUBGICAL JOURNAL.


Finally there are positions for medical social work, for apo office and laboratory assistant, for army, navy, Red Cross nursing, and appointments in the foreign missionary fields under university or church auspices. Reports from various cities indicate that this disease is not at all build infrequent and bacteriological examination shows that nearly always vulvovaginitis in children is gonorrheal. The result of these investigations produced the deduction that the disease was not specific, but depended on a great variety of germs (price). Asthma; a coated tongue, geographical tongue, habitual constipation with muco-membranous tolerance enteritis anil cyclic vomiting.

These abscesses, aspiration with irrigation, to free incision with curetting, all seem to give inferior results to those obtained by simple incision in most dependent portion, with the least possible interference with the The limits of this paper compel me to speak only of the treatment of congenital equino-varus. The infants are tested by scarifving the can skin and rubbing in the suspected proteid. There are cases called intermittent diabetes, and these are accidental or safe symptomatic in nature. BOSTOX MEDICAL AXD SURGICAL JOURXAL by the Bostok Medical and use Subsical Jocrnai.

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